Our promising new development

The annualized cost of wildfires is anywhere from $70 billion to $340 billion. The Australian wildfires in 2020 killed approximately 1-3 billion animals.
“A new fire protection technology that protects the environment from another global catastrophe” – this is the type of headline people have been waiting for.

Instead of several hours or days, our Pi Foam System extinguishes large flammable liquid storage tank fires in less than π minutes to avoid threats to human life, health, and the environment. With our biodegradable foam – which is a hundred times more durable than other foams and even edible – and our experience in rapidly extinguishing storage tank fires, we have a great advantage. These advantages predetermine that our technology can bring a similar exceptional result in the field of wildfires firefighting. It presents an opportunity to become the game changer when it comes battling wildfires and saving our planet – but we cannot do it alone. SFPRD is currently seeking corporate partners with the environment in their CSR portfolio to tackle this growing problem. Partners will find that this opportunity would be valuable for their marketing/PR activities. Let’s be the change and force that our world needs right now by putting our core missions together. The synergy of our organizational resources will have a lasting effect on every single inhabitant of our planet. We need to act now and fast!