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Your risk is ours too

We offer exclusive consulting and engineering services to storage-tank operators to improve their ability to subdue large-scale fire incidents cost effectively.

The shock of seeing an uncontrollable blaze ravaging your facility’s primary tanks, devouring the assets as well as your company’s reputation, is a trauma you should never have to experience.

 We are here to make sure you never do.

SFPRD is redrawing the lines of what is possible in hydrocarbon-storage security.

When disaster strikes and overwhelms your current fire-suppression capabilities: Do you have any option other than allowing your tanks to burn down completely?

We have the answer.

Causes of tank fires

Our Mission

Our mission is to introduce a new level of awareness about large industrial fire disasters by introducing new, cost- and performance-effective methods of controlling, managing and suppressing fires.

Swiss Fire Protection Research and Development AG was established by determined industrial fire safety experts with a singular focus on establishing a higher safety status in the energy industry, especially when it comes to highly exposed large-diameter atmospheric storage tanks and dikes.

At SFPRD, a dedicated team of fire protection, chemical, HSE, and mechanical engineers, as well as safety protocol experts, work relentlessly to address seemingly unsolvable fire safety challenges.


General Inquiries

If you would like to learn more about Swiss Fire Protection R&D, have questions about possible joint collaborations and partnerships, or have media-related inquiries, please write or call us directly. Please note that we can only offer limited information about our technologies and their capabilities to non-clients. Thank you for your understanding.

Client Inquiries

If you are interested in learning more about one of our technologies or about a specific area of our research, please reach out to us.

Career Inquiries

Thank you for considering us as the next phase in your career! We honestly believe that you have made a great decision. Please tell us a bit about yourself sending your CV and introduction to info ‘at’ sfprd ‘dot’ com.

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Swiss Fire Protection Research & Development AG 
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